Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #574



45 minutes

domination wrestling
It's a tale of maternal instincts gone wild as Kim, stepmom to little Johnny, tangles with the little tyke's biological mother Lisa. It's the day after Christmas and the vying guardians are talking about what they each had gotten for their little boy. While Kim got him an expensive X-Bots Lisa got her boy a less-pricey Nintendo and, not wanting to be shown up, wants Kim to return what she got for the little one. Kim adamantly refuses. During what remains a fairly civil conversation, Kim picks up a water pistol and jokingly squirts a little bit of water on Lisa. But Lisa is less than amused. Lisa spills beer on Kim and gets up get a bottle of water and pours it on Kim's chest. Kim then retaliates in kind and both ladies end up with soaked tops and heated tempers. Naturally a fight erupts, with a lot of punishment meted out with their long luscious legs. Soon their t-shirts and stockings are ripped off as they spank each other furiously as the incessant trash talk fills the air. One mauled mommy sobs her apologies as this pageant of parental pandemonium crowns its winner.

domination wrestling
Next, Lisa is enraged to find Francesca putting on Lisa's bright red bra and skirt and aims to teach the Latin lovely a lesson. Catching Francesca in a headlock, Lisa drags her to the floor and tries to break Francesca's back by sitting on her back and yanking the olive-skinned lady's arms back out of their shoulder sockets. Francesca manages to overturn the hold and tries to split Lisa into by pulling both her legs and hair while astride her enemy's back. An intricate series of scissors holds keeps Francesca's advantage going, but Lisa is too mad to let this interloper get away with her petty thefts. Boobs are pinched, faces are straddled and bodies are twisted as these tigresses are soon wearing only pantyhose and each bound and determined to take the other bitch down.

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