Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #573



47 minutes

topless catfight
One of DT's all-time faves, Tasha Welch, returns to the ring after a lengthy absence and she's chosen as her first opponent the hardcore champ Sandy who's been destroying all challengers. Sandy is all set to add Tasha's blond scalp to her trophy wall, but Tasha is too experienced to be an easy take down as she gets the early advantage in this multi-fall KO series and rattles the champ with flips, throws, camel clutches and scissors. When Sandy recomposes herself to retaliate, it is with the knowledge that this will not be an easy win. Headlocks, surfboards, body slams and head scissors are administered one after the other by the bloodthirsty champ, But, suddenly it is Sandy who finds herself caught in a sleeper hold which ends the fall. Sandy awakens enough to crawl back to her corner for the next fall and as her eyes open they are filled with hate, vowing that Tasha shall rue the day she ever stepped back into the wrestling ring. When Tasha's top is yanked off and used to choke her, it appears that Sandy intends to keep that vow.

The above match is available as a complete downloadable movie.

topless catfight
Our second match pits newcomer Coral Sands, who thinks she's ready for a real wrestling match, against veteran grappler Mia, who thinks she's not. Mia intends to prove that Coral's bravado is no match for Mia's experience and gives the lithesome lass a real lesson in rough and tumble wrestling. When Coral tries to elbow her way out of Mia's headlock, the magnificent one uses the tyro's extended her to flip her to the mat. Coral really gives a good account of herself but her knees to the gut and catfight tactics seem to be outclassed by Mia's arsenal of holds such as leg scissors, arm stretches, kiester bumps and Boston Crabs. However, Coral proves an apt pupil as she begins to give as good as she gets. When Mia uses her own top to choke Coral, the lines between catfighting and wrestling are blurred and it becomes anyone's game as these two hellions fight to a decisive, hard-hitting victory.

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