Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #572



45 minutes

nude catfight
Santana and Nefertiti are lounging outside the ring when the black girl badmouths the Latin girl's wrestling ability. They decide to take their feud into the wrestling ring. Santana ambushes Nefertiti and quickly strips the dark darling of her pink bikini. Nefertiti's cocoa flesh is twisted, squashed and straddled as the luscious Latina takes full advantage of her surprise attack. Nefertiti is battered, scissored and tossed about the ring, unable to put up a defense. However, when Santana's teeth sink into Nefertiti's naked thigh, and her fists batter at her crotch and breasts, the black bombshell snaps and decks Santana with a right cross. Soon it is Santana who is stripped to her birthday suit and has her hands tied behind her as Nefertiti leaps atop her, the embodiment of pure naked fury.

nude catfight
Next, we find Jewell tired of waiting for her friend Candi and entering the house where she finds a glowering Julie bent on payback after what Candi and Jewell did to Julie in a previous video, Tape 549. Julie had already taken revenge against Candi the last time around and now it's Jewell's turn to get a taste of Julie's naked fury. The nubile nudies wrestle and squirm all over the parlor with Jewell begging for mercy repeatedly, pleading with the wicked Miss Winchester that she only did it because Candi made her do it. Jewell's delectable flesh is pinched, groped and mauled as she realizes, to her horror that Julie's not the forgiving type. Julie then takes her helpless victim into the bedroom and ties Jewell up to the bed. That's when the tickling starts. How much of this torture can poor Jewell take? As much as Julie is willing to give her.

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