Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #570



55 minutes

sisterhood of superheroines
Comics legend George Pérez' Sisterhood is back! Or is it? A quartet of gorgeous Network agents are called in to replace four superheroines who have fallen in battle against the Overmind, but will they be able to survive their initiation? Debra Jo Fondren and Hurricane Havana (as Sabrina) don the costumes of Night Witch and Wildchild as they enter the Arena of Champions to face the combat program called the Oppressor (Scott) (last seen on Tape #489). It takes a lot of teamwork to defeat the masked menace, and the bosomy duo seems to be getting the upper hand--until something goes wrong. The Oppressor's programming is tampered with and the training exercise erupts into a fight for survival for the substitute heroines.

sisterhood of superheroines
Meanwhile, agents Tanya Danielle and Goldie Blair have located the vacated costumes of Super Maiden and Dragonfly and prepare for their turn in the Arena. When they get no reply from Night Witch and Wildchild, they realize that someone has sabotaged the project. As the new Super Maiden goes to the Network command center, Dragonfly confronts a mysterious black-garbed masked assassin with a killer body and an all too familiar sinister laugh. After years of absence and bent on vengeance, Darkraven returns! Is Goldie a good enough Dragonfly to take on this killer? And what happens when Tanya realizes that Darkraven has a particular bloodlust for Super Maiden? Will these substitutes prove themselves acceptable?

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