Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #569



70 minutes

bondage wrestling
Poor Hollywood, all decked out in her leather biker outfit and ready for her date, quickly finds herself ambushed by the black-booted pair of Star and Yvonne, the latter the ex-wife of Hollywood's current boyfriend. With Star's gloved hand over Hollywood's mouth and the Titian-haired oppressor's legs wrapped around the leather girl's waist, Hollywood's muffled struggles prove inadequate as Star fondles and squeezes Hollywood until the victim slumps into semi-consciousness. After using the bedcovers to further entrap Hollywood, the slinky spiders soon truss up their helpless fly with leather belts and ropes and cleave gag her to keep the Hollywood honey muzzled and bound. Hollywood ends up hog-tied, helpless and at the tantalizing mercy of dominatrix Star and her oh-so-willing co-conspirator.

The above match is available as a complete downloadable movie.

bondage wrestling
Hollywood's torment continues even after Yvonne is gone as Star takes the bound beauty to another bedroom and ties her up yet again. Star relishes her domination over her beautiful bound victim, and caresses, tickles and otherwise torments Hollywood, who can only cry out in muffled groans and moans. After a long while, Star removes Hollywood's gag and further muzzles Hollywood's protests with her own smothering kisses. No real fighting here, but tons of beautiful bondage with Hollywood the finest leather-bound edition ever to grace any video library.