Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #568



45 minutes

dominance wreslting
It's a bloody good time for one girl and bloody hell for the other as two full-figured blondes, Sandy and Venus splatter the wrestling canvas with crimson. As Sandy, in a red one-piece, finds the topless Venus warming up in the ring, the veteran challenges Venus to a death match. Venus accepts cockily--a big mistake. Sandy punches the busty babe repeatedly in the face until Venus is dazed and bloody. And this is only in the first two minutes of this bloody slaughter. Venus manages to rally and, wrapping her knuckles with metal handcuffs, draws blood from Sandy's face. Venus is out for revenge as she uses a sharp implement to gouge Sandy's forehead and uses a choker to squeeze the life out of the veteran mat diva. A miscalculated splash from the ring ropes cuts Venus' momentum short and once again she is prey to Sandy's unrelenting, mercilessly bloody assault.

The above match is available as a complete downloadable movie.

topless dominance
Next, Hollywood challenges Francesca to a hardcore wrestling match, but makes the mistake of delivering the challenge to the camera, her back turned away from Francesca, who is entering the ring with a dangerous-looking wooden staff. Hollywood screams as Francesca batters away at the ambushed beauty. A brutal stomping follow-up keeps Hollywood at bay and she ends up submitting to a painful chin lock, a quick win for the black-suited and black-hearted Latina. But surrender is not in Francesca's vocabulary and she proceeds to further torture Hollywood by stomping away at her opponent's long legs, draping them over the ropes for further lethal leverage. After an agonizing figure-four leglock Hollywood is tossed from one ring post to another, punched and kicked with such ferocity that she is soon coughing up blood‹which inflames Francesca's bloodlust even more as she retrieves the deadly staff and aims for Hollywood's crotch.