Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #567



50 minutes

topless catfight
Our all-time fan favorite Mia faces three lethal lovelies on this tape, starting with DT newcomer Toni, an Arizona wildcat who proves that she's far from inexperienced in the ways of the wrestling ring.. In this one-fall, submission only, no-holds-barred match, these two evenly matched grapplers provide a showcase for hard-hitting pro-style and catfighting action. Leg scissors, headlocks, toeholds, Boston Crabs, and just some old-fashioned body punching are but snippets of the intense action that ensues. After a chorus of monkey flips, arm locks, and backbreakers, the symphony of violence concludes with a devastating camel clutch.

The above match is available as a complete downloadable movie

opless catfight
Next, little Mia gets a return engagement with the voluptuous Shannan in a continuation of their encounter in Tape # 564. This time, Shannan's in a tiny pink bikini and determined to claim the tiny blue thong that Mia is wearing over her white bikini bottom. Shannan comes on strong and mauls Mia , finally yanking off the tiny blue bits of clothing. Mia retaliates and actually starts choking the big, busty babe with the thong. Shannan is overwhelmed by a facesit and lays on the mat unconscious and whipped. But, when Mia turns her back on Shannan, the topless bosomy bombshell sparks back to life and ties Mia's hands with the thongs‹the better to beat the flummoxed brunette.

opless catfight

And finally, Mia faces her old friend--and foe-- Francesca in yet another short, but sizzling, mat brawl. Mia in white bikini is reading a book at ringside when Francesca, wearing black leggings over a dark print bikini, enters the picture and the two lovers begin to caress each other. However, the loving embraces soon devolve into heated words. Mia's teasing of the volatile Francesca doesn't sit well with the fiery Latin and she challenges Mia to a ring match, letting loose a few choice words about the tightness of Mia's briefs. But the words are less painful than the wrestling maneuvers as each tussling tigress makes the other suffer through bow and arrow holds, and leg scissors, body stretches, smothers, waist scissors and headlocks. A breathtaking, chest-squeezing facesit ends the argument once and for all.