Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #566



45 minutes

topless boxing
Sabrina Stone (Hurricane Havana) dons the leather mitts against "Sweet Sugar" Stacy Burke in our first, six-fall, topless boxing contest. After a rather testy pre-bout interview, the blondes don white shorts, sneakers and gloves, but keep their beauteous breasts bare and bouncing and go at it full throttle. Hollywood is the referee for this boxing match and she has her work cut out for her indeed. The blows come fast and furious with Stacy hitting the canvas first after being trapped in the corner by the Hurricane. It's round after round of body-bashing action and we won't spoil it by revealing the winnerčexcept to say that the victor is blonde, beautiful and gloriously topless.

The above match is available as a complete downloadable movie.

topless boxing
More lethal leather is unleashed in our next match as Kim and Coral describe during on-air interviews that they are vying for the affection of the same lucky guy. Kim describes herself as the beautiful blonde, with good body and far better boobs than the winsome Coral. Coral, a gorgeous brunette with highlights in her hair brags about long legs, blue eyes and superior strength. Obviously the only way to settle the matter is by duking it out in the ring. However, even though they wear regulation boxing gloves, Coral and Kim hardly fight by Marquis of Queensbury rules as the match quickly degenerates into a brutal body-bashing brawl. The main targets for these topless pugilists are their taut, vulnerable stomachs and devastating belly punches abound. Even when one girl is done the belly bombs continue to rain down. Verbal barbs hit as hard as blows to the lovely faces until, finally, one battered, beaten beauty is sprawled on the mat as the other prepares to claim her masculine prize.