Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #565



45 minutes

Our first match features two of our newest blondes, Kim Chambers and Venus DeLight, in matching black bikinis, proving their combat prowess in our DT ring. Kim quickly whips Venus into the ropes and catches the rebounding beauty with a clothesline blow that sends Venus crashing to the mat. Venus reverses the advantage with a step-over toehold, but Kim soon turns it around yet again. This is one evenly matched catfight with sprinklings of scientific mat maneuvers that further confirms that each of these gorgeous grapplers knows her way around a wrestling ring. Limbs are twisted, bodies are flipped and even bellies are pounded as these hellcats surrenders no quarter to each other. Their tiny black bras try hard to contain their fleshy contents, but sometimes nature just can't be contained. More throws, hairpulls, pins, surfboards and body blows culminate in a head scissors submission leaving one black-bikinied blonde breathless and beaten.

The above match is available as a complete downloadable movie.

Former Playmate of the Year Debra Jo Fondren confronts the fiery Francesca during an interview where the Latina vows to destroy the famed blonde after learning of her dalliance with Francesca's man. Debra Jo in turn promises to win not only Francesca's boyfriend, but the hardcore wrestling belt. The blonde peels off her pink dress and shoes and the ladies face each other in black bras, panties and hose. Francesca's cockiness is rattled when Debra Jo whips her around the ring and wins the first fall with a well-executed chin lock. This playmate means business! Reverse facesits, crotch kicks, face slaps and sleepers are but a few of the tactics that pepper the action of this multi-fall fracas where one girl uses her sharp nails to bloody up her rival. The match with one girl, bloodied and bruised into simpering, butt-bussing submission.