Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #563




Two old friends reunite after many years, but it's hardly a friendly reunion. Julie Winchester's initial joy at seeing the long-missing Gasae is soon supplanted by anger as Gasae starts dishing out the trash talk--just like old times. Julie's headlock is quickly countered by a flip to the mat--showing that Gasae has lost little of her wrestling fire. Julie is punched into the corner but kicks out to trap Gasae in a torturous twisting hold. Julie's own trash talk is met with rollicking body splashes by the lithe Ms. Winchester. These two veteran champions toss each other around, trap each other in headlocks and pins and punch and kick each other all over the squared circle. Gasae's breasts are soon exposed and she's almost waist scissored into unconsciousness. When Julie's top is ripped off as well, she finds herself trapped in a corner and belted all over by her dark haired adversary. A mauling, pounding beat down ends the day for one battered veteran.

The above match is available as a complete downloadable movie.

Our next battle features Coral Sands as a proud mother whose daughter has just trounced the school bully. When the bully's mom, Star Chandler, confronts Coral to extort dental expenses for her son, the two moms really tear each other. Coral wears a tight black dress and barely takes off her shoes when Star, in a clinging red dress, yanks her into the ring by the hair. Coral endures a barrage of knees to the middle, punches and hair pulling before digging her teeth and nails into Star until a volley of kicks, scissors and limb-torturing stretches set the redhead up for a neck scissors KO. To Coral's consternation, Star recovers and shoots some hard fists at her. The punches go back and forth with Coral's dress torn away and Stars not faring much better. One mauled mom is forced to kiss the feet of the other as this heated fracas reaches its bruise-filled conclusion. Mother's Day was never like this!