Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #562




toples catfight
Yet another famous adult film star makes her DT wrestling debut as the blonde and busty Kim Chambers is challenged by another newcomer to our ring, Toni. The sweet-faced, Arizona-based Toni is a veteran of several wrestling companies who is out to make her mark with Double Trouble Productions. But first she'll have to get past the equally determined Kim. And it ain't gonna be easy. Neither girl is willing to give an inch as Toni grabs Kim in a headlock, which Kim uses to leverage into a body rollčbut Toni won't let go. When Kim attempts to pin Toni, it's like trying to bend steel. Each hold lasts for many long minutes as they strain to escape. It's been quite some time since we've seen two new girls so bent on not giving an inch. And their laughter betrays just how much they enjoy the thrill of battle. They proudly stop to bare their breasts as they size each other up for their next tangle of skin and sinew. In the end the word "surrender" is reluctantly utteredčbut by whom?

topless catfight
Next we have the ever-popular Sandy taking on the incredible Stormee Knight, who has definitely grown a bit since her last appearance. Stormee quickly snares Sandy's arm behind her back and flips the blonde to the canvas. Sandy is stomped and caught in a Boston Crab, but Stormee's overconfidence is rewarded with a kick to the stomach and her own trip to the mat. Caught in a cradle hold with Sandy's knee in her back, Stormee fights like a demon to escape. After catching Sandy in a standing neck scissors, Stormee is then subjected to a chin lock. The action just escalates from there as waist scissors, arm stretches, piledrivers, and leg twists keep the torture level at maximum levels. Sandy's breasts are bared as she is thrashed in the corner, but she manages to daze Stormee with an airplane spin. A final sleeper hold finishes this hard-fought battle.

The above match is available as a complete downloadable movie