Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #561




sisterhood of superheroines
It's a super ring battle as Amazon Queen (Lisa Comshaw in a new costume) takes on Daisy Chain (Stacy Burke) in a non-powered contest of caped combatants. A test of strength ends with a blow to Daisy Chain's stomach that doubles over the blonde heroine, setting her up for a painful stepover toehold. Daisy Chain screams in agony as Amazon Queen adds insult to injury by grabbing and grinding her fists into Daisy Chain's crotch. The poor blonde superheroine seems totally outmatched without her powers and is soon struggling under a facesit as Amazon Queen tortures her exposed breasts. But, Daisy Chain is still a superheroine at heart and retaliates against her sister heroine, giving as much as she had taken. With surfboards, figure-4 leglocks and Boston Crabs delivered with agonizing ruthlessness, one strained super girl is eventually out for the count.

The above match is available as a complete downloadable movie.

sisterheood of superheorines
Lisa returns in a very familiar costume as yet another superheroine, Princess Wonder, to confront her arch-nemesis Nightmare (Christine Dupree). Unfortunately, Nightmare is as sneaky as most villains and ambushes Princess Wonder from behind, using the heroine's mystic lariat to choke her into revealing the source of her power. When Nightmare learns that the power lies with the Amazon's belt and bracelets, the two golden accessories are removed. Further indignity is heaped on Princess Wonder as she is tied to a chair and belly punched. These punches don't seem as effective as Nightmare would like and she learns that Princess Wonder's might will be further diminished if her breasts are bared and beaten. So beaten, squeezed and tortured they are, with the superheroine's star-spangled crotch pounded for good measure. The superheroine's screams for mercy are ignored as she is propped on a table for further punishment.

NOTE: Both these custom costumed capers are not part of George Pérez's official Sisterhood of Superheroines series.