Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #560




pro-style catifght
Our sinewy new black girl Alana is captivating in her red bikini as she faces the blonde mat vet Sandy in a black one-piece. If Sandy came in figuring on a fast and easy win, she is soon proved wrong as Alana head flips her and stomps her on the mat as a waist scissors is applied. But this vet is far from through as Sandy traps the ebony enchantress by pinning her down with her legs as she punches away at her taut, dark abs. Alana traps Sandy in a full-nelson and rams the blonde's head into the turnbuckle. Trapped in the corner, Sandy is used as Alana's punching bag but Sandy counters by trapping Alana in a matchbook pin as she presses her elbow into the black girl's windpipe. Alana's crotch is stomped and she goes down after a devastating clothesline. Body punches, backbreakers and bearhugs are but a few of the maneuvers that finally bring one weary beauty down to defeat.

pro-style catfight
Two of your favorites duke it out in our next match. Hollywood and Tanya are stretching in the ring when Hollywood decides to show the blonde how to apply a proper sleeper hold. Unfortunately for Tanya, this is more than just an exhibition as Hollywood ignores Tanya's pleas for release and squeezes Tanya into unconsciousness. Tanya awakens only to be knocked out by yet another sleeper. Now mad as hell, Tanya decks Hollywood and punches her mercilessly in the ring corner. Then things really get intense as leg scissors, camel clutches, bow and arrows, belly punches, and standing head scissors all but obliterate the haughty Hollywood. Unfortunately, Tanya makes the fatal mistake of giving Hollywood time to recover and the tables turn. A chloroform knockout puts a definitive end to this knockabout encounter.

The above match is available as a complete downloadable movie.