TAPE #558


75 Minutes — $59.95

Two of our sexiest smaller girls, Stacy Burke and Jewell Marceau face off in a multi-fall match that mixes some impressive pro-holds with good old-fashioned catfighting. Each fall in this 5 out of 9 contest is to end with a smothering knockout, a challenge each girl seems all to eager to accept. Starting off in bikinis and heels, the tigresses rip into each other, an attempted breast smother countered by a waist scissors, which quickly leads to a double bearhug. Soon punches fly and knees pummel as each petite powerhouse tries to prove her combat superiority. Jewell is the first to go under as Stacy smothers the brunette with a saucy facesit smother, followed by a cobra choke. But that's just one fall in what promises to be a long hot battleăso long, in fact that each girl gets to change her bikini during the long haul. Eventually, however, the tops are gone, with exposed full breasts acting as both targets of torture and weapons of smothering destruction. With holds and tactics as myriad as headlocks, crotch grabs, double leg scissors, butt spanks, double leg scissors, belly blows, neck scissors and more too numerous to list being but mere setups for finalizing, breathtaking knockoutsănot to mention two of the most beautiful women ever to grace a wrestling ringăthis match is a female combat lover's dream come true.
After such a hearty main course it's time for dessert, short but sweet. The Walters siblings are at again as the magnificent Mia attempts to prove that her baby sister Brandy is no match for her. Still stinging from her defeat in their last meeting (Tape #553) Brandy is determination personified as she quickly snares Mia with a headlock followed by a sitting scissors hold. Mia is too much of a pro to be taken so easily, however and soon it is Brandy struggling to escape from Boston Crabs. But escape she does and soon Brandy has Mia in a stepover toehold. Mia's quick escape forces her baby sister to use more desperate measures and soon the elder Walters girl is on the receiving end of stomps and blows and her head is bashed into the turnbuckle. Will Mia be able to rally, or will baby sister finally have the last laugh?