TAPE #557


45 Minutes — $49.95

The lovely newcomer Coral is all sass and confidence as she challenges the veteran Christine to a ring match. Coral is betting that her youth and speed will be more than a match for the older Christine's experience. Like a giddy school bully Coral quickly goads Christine by stripping off her bikini to battle her opponent stark naked. Christine doffs her bra and panties as well and these two sweet bodies soon are a tangle of twisting, tossing, torturing flesh. While one girl gets the upper hand with a brief Boston Crab, the other counters with an airplane spin. But such scientific holds are few and far between as these naked hellcats take turns clawing and pounding each other's breasts, kneeing and pounding exposed crotches and pulling, stretching and punishing limbs with savage abandon. The match ends with a whimpering surrender, but is it from the wily vet or the cocky tyro?
What more can we say about our next match other than: Yvonne! Stacy! Naked! Boxing! Yes, two of our most popular blondes don the boxing gloves for a flesh-pounding feast of pulchritudinous pugilism. As lethal leather smash hard and often against silky, sexy skin, this is one boxing match that will leave you breathless. Yvonne barely gets her gloves up before Stacy begins battering her with relentless ruthlessness. The beautiful Brit's body is pounded without mercy as her breasts, belly and even crotch are devastated by Stacy's gloved sledgehammers. There's no penalty for hitting below the belt when there is no belt. The slaughter continues long and hard until Yvonne succumbs to the mercy of unconsciousness. But Stacy is a cruel champion and ties the beaten Yvonne's hands to an overhead rope and uses her as a punching bag. Yvonne is totally battered and beatenăbut this is only the first round. When the bell rings for the second round, Stacy learns that payback is indeed a bitch, and that bitch's name is Yvonne.