TAPE #556


70 Minutes — $59.95

What do you get when you add some oil to two hot Latin dishes? One delectable and spicy feast, that's what. So lick your lips as the sultry Francesca and the simmering Sabrina (better known to her wrestling fans as Hurricane Havana) get ready for their ring match by sensuously slathering slippery oil over their sizzling bodies. It's one long erotic foreplay of breast to breast, butt to butt and just plain skin to skin slithering against one another leading to one hot orgasm of torrid tussling. Scissors wrap around shimmering waists. Gleaming globes are pawed and clawed. Tanned limbs are twisted and contorted. All this plus a heaping helping of chokes, smothers and pins provides us with a veritable smorgasbord of Latin lusciousness What started as an erotic tease soon degenerates into a primal game of predator versus predator.
We step indoors for our next sizzler with the beauteous Tanya going at it with the gorgeous Shannan. These awesome knockouts, each wearing bra, panties, garter belt and stockings, waste no time tearing at each other and Tanya is soon screaming for Shannan to get off from on top of her. In a sexy seesaw of action one girl, then the next crushes her opponent with a sitting schoolgirl pin. Back and forth the pins go until the sultry heat forces both women to take a break, muttering insults as they drink some water. Then the fiery fracas begins anew with breast smothers added for greater torment. The heat of the action gets so hot that soon these lethal lovelies are down to only their panties and rivulets of sweat ski down deliciously over their bountiful breasts. It's one overheated day of action for these two chesty challengers and soon only one will be able to claim victory.