TAPE #555


ONE HOUR — $59.95

It's mammoth mammaries galore as the voluptuous Sandy faces the unbelievably top-heavy Julie DC in, incredible as it may seem, their first-ever ring encounter. DC challenges Sandy to a breast match, but Sandy prefers a power hold match, each combatant taking her turn at holding her opponent down, so this multi-fall endurance contest ends up being a deadly combination of both. Starting with a finger locking test of strength,, Sandy gets the upper hand first and forces DC down to the mat in a crushing breast-to-breast pin. After DC surrenders to the power hold and takes her turn pinning Sandy these bosomy bombshells follow up with Boston Crabs, suspended full nelsons, suspended bearhugs, backbreakers and camel clutches. A surprise breast smother finally takes the fight out of one titanic tussler in this bombastic battle of bodacious breasts.
In our second match the muscular Kristie, weary of beating up relatively small women, challenges the awesomely endowed big blonde Shelly to a ring match. The Burbank Bomber, trimmer than she's been in years but no less buxom, readily accepts Kristie's challenge and is determined to give the Titian-haired powerhouse a lesson in humility. And at first it does seem to go Shelly's way as she downs Kristie with a knee to the belly after an indecisive test of strength. Shelly pounds Kristie in the belly and follows up with headlocks, full-nelsons and a battering barrage that proves that the blonde is more than just a pair of beach balls on legs. However, Shelly uses up her energy too quickly and when Kristie sidesteps a charge into the ring corner a stunned Shelly is soon the recipient of a series of leglocks, claw holds and leg scissors. Even as the babe from Burbank seems to be finished, Kristie continues the punishment, catching the big blonde with bearhugs and blows to the breasts, determined to prove, once and for all that the bigger they are, the harder they fall.