TAPE #554


45 Minutes — $44.95

Hollywood and Tanya, both dressed in dresses, stockings and heels, brag to the cameraman about how each intends to destroy the other girl and make her a foot-kissing slave. A knee to Tanya's groin puts Hollywood in the catbird seat early and she takes full advantage of it. However, Hollywood's attempt to knock Tanya out with a sleeper hold is thwarted by an elbow to the gut and Tanya takes charge. The blonde in the red dress batters away at Hollywood, punching, kicking and tossing the brown-haired battler around the ring. Taking some of the fight out of Hollywood with a facesit smother, Tanya strips to her underwear in cocky defiance, only to scream as if struck by lightning when the recovering Hollywood punches Tanya in the crotch. Hollywood's lead is short-lived as well as her crotch makes an unwelcome connection with Tanya's knuckles. It's a brutal seesaw of savagery with clothing used as choking weapons, hair used as leashes and bared breasts mauled like pizza dough. A battery of knees to the face leaves one lady bloodied and dazed. Not much more than a punching bag, after all, the beaten lady is stripped of her dignity, not to mention most of her outfit, and exhibited like a trophy for the cameraman and used as a chair„a humiliating, foot-kissing demise for a once proud warrior.
A dispute over splitting a future pits two busty blondes, Tanya and Goldie, against each other in a wild ring slugfest. Sexily dressed in halter tops, teeny-weeny cut-off jeans and high heels, these Daisy Duke wannabes waste no time as Tanya quickly surprises the bewildered Brit with repeated punches to the fave and knees to the groin. A facesit smother soon has Goldie breathless and motionless. The English lass is easy pickings now as she is tied up with her breasts bared, and easy prey for Tanya's merciless, and bloody pummeling. The next day, the angry Goldie vows to avenge her humiliation and again meets Tanya in the ring. This time, they are both dressed in skintight mini-dresses, but that is not the only difference. When Tanya's first swing misses wildly, the determined Goldie knocks her for a loop. Now it's Goldie's turn to rock Tanya's world and one bloodied blonde ends up stripped to her panties, battered and beaten on the mat.