TAPE #553


50 Minutes — $54.95

Remember the days when theaters ran a second and third featurette after the main attraction? Well, that's what we have here, starting with a glorious, body-battering topless catfight between hardcore champ Lisa Comshaw and cocky interloper Goldie Blair. When the British babe in the tight blue dress refuses to get out of Lisa's chair, Lisa throws the blonde into the ring and proceeds to teach her a lesson. Stripping to bra and panties, Lisa punishes Goldie with full-nelsons, waist scissors, groin grabs and face smothers before lifting her up to the corner for some body punching torture. Poor Goldie is tossed all over the ring, her hair pulled and her body subjected to more scissors, headlocks and breast to breast presses. When the tables turn Goldie begins to give the auburn-haired champion a brutal taste of her own medicine. When Goldie sees that her own lip is bloody, she really goes wild and it is Lisa who tries to survive a blistering barrage of scissors, pins, camel clutches and bone-crushing blows to the body, face and groin.
Our second feature is a short, but oh so sweet encounter with the veteran Mia and her little sister Brandy. It all starts innocently enough as Brandy massages Mia outside the ring. Brandy teases Mia about her not being in shape since the birth of Mia's baby. Teasing, turns to taunts and taunts devolve into aggression as Brandy pulls the stunned Mia into the ring where she proceeds to whip her older sibling into shape in her own unique way. Full-nelsons, stomach claws and waist scissors are just samples of Brandy's brutal brand of physical therapy. As Mia is further punched, tossed and twisted, it is evident that baby sister may have some issues she's trying to work out.
Mia, in the same white bikini, returns for our third match, but is attacked before the bell rings by the black-suited Sandy. These hair-pulling, limb-stretching, body twisting hellcats tumble all over the ring as they trap each other with mutual head scissors after losing their bikini tops early on. Step-over-toe holds are followed by full-nelsons, keester bumps, and devastating chokes until one grappler is left breathless and beaten on the mat. Two short and sweet matches complement the first match like wine and dessert after a meal. Bon appetit!