TAPE #552


50 Minutes — $54.95

When Yvonne's tag team partner doesn't arrive her incredibly imposing opponents, Shelly and Julie DC decide to simply gang up on the perfectly proportioned little Brit. As one dark suited babe in black grabs her from behind, Yvonne is punched and battered by the other. Now, considering that Shelly and Julie DC's combined boobs alone probably outweigh the petite blonde, it is obvious that the wrestler from across the pond doesn't stand a chance. Poor Yvonne is punched, kneed, kicked and clawed mercilessly. As one bombastic torturer stretches Yvonne's back across her knee the other brutal babe slugs away at Yvonne's arched stomach. Yvonne pathetically gasps for air as the two Amazonian antagonists sandwich her helpless body between them. This match does not ask whether Yvonne can survive long enough to retaliatećit just asks whether she can survive at all.
Our second gang-bang pits our luscious Latin Francesca against three, count 'em, three, blonde tormentors. Former Playmate of the Year Debra Jo Fondren joins Tanya and Sabrina as she brags about how she and her blonde cronies will destroy and humiliate any challengers. Debra Jo's vicious arrogance angers Francesca who accepts the blondes' challenge and vows to take them down one at a time. As first Tanya, then Sabrina and finally Debra Jo take there turns in the ring against Francesca it is apparent that the olive-skinned battle is as good as her word. Francesca uses clotheslines, elbow drops, body slams, and other holds, stomps, kicks and punches to take down one blonde after another until it dawns on the terrible trio that the only way to beat Francesca is to gang up on her. And gang up they do. From then on Francesca is doomed. Backbreakers, spew-inducing throat stomps, body blows and one especially vicious piledriver all but destroy the bloodied beauty. But Debra Jo, Sabrina and Tanya don't want to merely destroy Francesca. They want her humiliated, obliterated, eradicated. And they're just the gang to do it, too.