TAPE #551


45 Minutes — $44.95

Two tales of masked thieves and flying fists begin with the debut of the dark-skinned beauty Alana as the white masked super thief Foxglove who surprises master thief Lady Plunder (Sabrina) after the masked blonde in the black bikini, cape and boots arrives with her ill-gotten gains. The surprised Lady Plunder is punched unconscious and left on the couch as Foxglove prepares to leave with the loot. But Lady Plunder isn't beaten so easily and she recovers enough to pummel the ebony interloper mercilessly, sending the black girl staggering backward into the bedroom where she is knocked out on the mattress. When Foxglove recovers she finds herself outside in the ring, her hands handcuffed to the ringpost„and Lady Plunder more than anxious to inflict some hard-hitting payback. Belly blows, knees to the groin and shots to the head rain down hard in this indoor/outdoor battle that leaves one thief finally out for good and ready for the police.
And speaking of police, you'll never a cop any sexier than Tanya as the bountiful blonde tries to arrest the western-style thief Hollywood in our second story. Unusually armed with a warrior's dagger, the kinky cop is quickly overpowered by the lightning-quick desperado. The blonde law enforcer is knocked out several times, including a KO that leaves her flat on the bed. However, this tough cop is determined to do her duty and she removes her tight half-shirt (revealing her shiny bikini top that just barely contains Tanya's famous breasts.) At one point both combatants lay unconscious on the floor as the toll of repeated blows overcome their scrumptious bodies. When Hollywood recovers enough to reach for her gun, Officer Tanya knocks the outlaw out. The cop eventually lifts Hollywood over her shoulder and carries her into the bedroom. But, Hollywood has a hard head„and this ain't over yet.