TAPE #550


65 MINUTES — $59.95

Is there anything hotter than a savage blonde warrior? How about two savage blonde warriors? That's just what we have in our first long match as Tanya Danielle takes on Stacy Burke in a multi-fall ring encounter scheduled for nine grueling rounds. This long match has a little bit of everything, from body blows to scissors, from legwork to arm torture, from stretches to crushes. Boobs are bruised and bellies are bombed as these trash-talking, buxom golden girls really put on a hell of a show. Each fall ends with a decisive pin, and if you're looking for some good, hard face-sitting action then you definitely need look no further than this match. Just wait until you see Tanya's sensational sensuous leg-split facesit! Can these two bombastic blonde battlers survive nine grueling rounds of anything-goes, in-your-face pandemonium?
Next we find Mia, in a white bikini-pantyhose ensemble, exercising in the ring as the sumptuous Sandy enters the ring to challenge her. Mia is a bit ambivalent, knowing of Sandy's reputation for cheating, but it's all soon academic as these experienced hell-raisers inevitably go at it. Mia comes on strong by trapping Sandy in a scissors hold. Sandy retaliates with a matchbook pin, adding insult to injury by spanking Mia's bottom. The blonde in the black bikini revels in pulling down Mia's tights and even subjects the brunette to a few hard wedgies, jerking the bikini briefs deep into Mia's crotch. As the topless Mia struggles to her feet, Sandy is ready with a barrage of kicks and punches to Mia's stomach. It would appear that Sandy's rep was well earned.