TAPE #549


ONE HOUR — $49.95

This double-barreled flesh feast begins with the ever-popular Julie Winchester exercising outdoors in the stripped ring. Jewell and Candi, vowing vengeance on the mighty Julie in the name of the beaten Nefertiti, follow Julie into the house and get into her face. Jewell even dares to call Julie "grandma" as the terrific trio is soon stripped of their flimsy bikinis in this two-against-one tussle. Julie's persistent screams are ignored or muffled as Candi and Jewell claw and bite Julie's exposed nipples, spank her curvy ass and even use their bikini tops as choking devices. Breasts and pillows are used to stifle Julie's cries and her wet crotch is molested. When Julie is taken into the bedroom and bound to the bed, her feet are tickled mercilessly. And just when Julie thinks the torture is over, she is flipped on her stomach, exposing her butt to even more spanking attacks. When Julie is finally left alone on the bed, her only dreams are those of revenge.
And, as the saying goes, sometimes dreams do come true. Later that day, Candi returns to untie Julie's bonds and is quickly attacked by the vengeful "grandma". Julie wants revenge alright—and she especially wants Candi! Kicked while being chased into the parlor, Candi is spanked and beaten, her naked body reddening with welts. Julie's fury is unstoppable as her cute blonde victim's bright white skin is bitten, choked, groped and scissored with savage glee. Remembering her own torture on the bed, Julie ties the humbled golden girl to a table and continues the naked torment.