TAPE #548


45 MINUTES — $49.95

When Francesca arrives in the ring to audition for the Miss Legs title she is confronted by Stacy, last year's winner, and Francesca's chief rival. As with any competition, Francesca knows only one way to win—by cheating. She attacks Stacy from behind and starts to choke the blonde, but Stacy quickly reverses it to a leg scissors that only momentarily slows Francesca's murderous momentum. Quickly their robes come off, revealing their bras, panties, hose and sexy high heels. Stacy struggles to escape a matchbook pin while Francesca spanks her rival's delectable derriere. Then it is Francesca howling in pain as Stacy stretches the Latin lovely's arms back in a painful surfboard. These hellions really have killer legs—literally. These gams are used as weapons with all sorts of scissors applied to inflict as much pain as possible. Even though there are quite a few punches thrown, the emphasis here is definitely on two pairs of luscious legs. Pain rains on these lithe limbs, whether inflicted with kicks and stomps or received with bites and twists, and it's not over until one humbled hellcat is forced to kiss the proud winner's champion legs.
Our second match begins with Tanya confronting Mia in the backyard as the topless brunette veteran takes in the sun. Tanya claims never to have heard of Mia and cockily orders Mia to fetch her some sun lotion and water. Intimidated at first, Mai gets dressed and leaves to run the errand. However, when Tanya continues bullying her upon Mia's return, Mia splashes the arrogant blonde with a pail of water. Of course you know this means war—and the battlefield will be the DT wrestling ring. And any possibilities of this being a fair fight are quickly obliterated as Tanya wallops Mia with the same pail that she brought into the ring. Mia goes down hard. However, she's not down for long as Mia drives her foot hard into Tanya's crotch. After bashing Tanya with the pail, Mia proceeds to give the once-proud blonde a bloody lesson in humility. Tanya's gorgeous face and welcoming crotch are both pounded bloody. Her bared breasts are mauled, and her incredible body is soon wracked with unyielding pain. And just when it seems that Tanya's torture is finally over. Mia brings in the blonde's gym bag—and that pail.