TAPE #547


40 MINUTES — $40.00

Super Shelly is back! Not only does this raucous riot feature the return of DT's original über-babe, it pits her against two new, yet somewhat familiar, costumed heroines. Christine plays Super Woman, a heroine who has gone over to the dark side and creates dissention between former allies Super Shelly and Super Chick (played by the sensational Shannan). Convincing Super Chick that Super Shelly has been hogging all the credit and glory for their super deeds, Super Woman watches as the two former super friends go at each other in the Ring of Power. The ring vibrates as these maids of might punch and throw each other with ultra-human ferocity.
And don't think Super Woman is a mere bystander in this dynamic donnybrook. All three superheroines tear at each other, all seemingly unbeatable—until Super Woman pulls out a strange water bottle... Will Super Woman's treachery be discovered in time? Although this original fantasy is not part of George Pérez's Sisterhood of Superheroines series, it still satisfies the hunger for those fans who can't get enough of seeing costumed beauties tearing at each other in a wrestling ring. This is an intergalactic free-for-all of superhuman proportions as these superheroines go absolutely wild.