TAPE #546


ONE HOUR — $49.95

Here's something we haven't presented in a whilećan old-fashioned Lick, Smother & Destroy fantasy with Kat (Stacy Burke) being ambushed by two girls we haven't seen a for some time, Tara (Eve Ellis) and Quisha! Those familiar with other entries in this series know what to expect here and the energy just crackles. Stacy is the picture of perky innocence in her yellow bikini and pigtails and is caught totally off-guard as Quisha grabs her arms from behind and Eve pulls off Stacy's top and attacks the blonde's tits and tummy. Her cries muffled by Quisha's and Eve's hands over her mouth, Stacy is tortured with body stretches, scissors, breast assaults and belly blows. And to add humiliation to misery, Quisha and Eve slather saliva over their hands as they clamp their moist mitts over Stacy's gasping mouth. The torture intensifies as Stacy is tied to a chair and pathetically muzzled again and again with spit-soaked hands. This was the first time each of these hellions participated in this kind of dominance battle, and we're sure that one girl at least hopes it's her last.
Roommates Mia and Stacy are at it again in yet another variation of their encounters in Tapes 532 and 542. Stacy, pretty in pink, awaits a callback from a movie producer only to learn that the phone's been disconnected due to Mia's nonpayment of the bill. Mia is choked unconscious by the infuriated blonde, but this is too quick a defeat as far as Stacy is concerned. Stacy keeps Mia out of it with a breast smother and proceeds to strip Mia of her Blue and purple print dress when Mia comes through and knocks the Stacy out. Mia's gloats are premature as Stacy recovers and pins Mia to the wall by pressing her arm against Mia's throat, sending the brunette out yet again. Mia recovers only briefly as Stacy's foot and knee bear down on her throat to choke her into oblivion yet again. The KO's come fast and furious as each girl takes her turn at crushing the air out of the other. Bras, hands, pillows and even furniture are used as weapons of breathtaking destruction. Breasts are mauled and butt cheeks are spanked in this choking catfight. In the end one girl, beaten down by breast and hand smothers, head scissors and sleeper holds, is left totally wiped out for the day, her demise punctuated by one final gasp.