TAPE #545


50 MINUTES — $49.95

Sandy faces one of her greatest challenges ever as the legendary mat veteran Casey makes her first foray into the Double Trouble ring. The combined wrestling expertise of these two titanic blondes promises to make this match the stuff of legends. And from the opening bell, Casey's determination to supplant Sandy's place in the DT hierarchy is brutally evident. Sandy is quickly caught in a vice-like headlock, but Sandy takes Casey down by grabbing Casey's head and slamming it down to the mat from a standing position. A full nelson is countered by body splashes; leg drops are followed up by sitting pins, which are in turn reversed into crushing waist scissors. No doubt about ităthese ladies know their way around a wrestling ring. Chin locks, hip throws, standing head scissors, elbow smashes, belly punches, body splashes from the top ropes, crotch stomps, and a whole encyclopedia of wrestling maneuvers are displayed as these the wrestling ring explodes with real bone crushing action. If your looking fro some real hard-hitting wrestling action, then this dazzling donnybrook is the one you have to see!
After getting it on with the mighty Casey, it would appear that Sandy's next opponent would be no challenge at all. This is, after all, Faryn's first time in the ring and the dainty doll looks positively fragile next to the robust Sandy. Sandy quickly takes the advantage with a powerful waist scissors that crushes the breath out of the girl in the star-spangled bikini. The haughty newcomer doesn't go down so easily, however. After being pummeled in the corner, Faryn unexpectedly flips the big blonde to the mat. Following up with some body splashes, a more experienced fighter might have kept the advantage. But Faryn, despite her moxie and impressive maneuvers, is up against a true champion and finds herself overpowered by airplane spins, body stretches and powerful elbow smashes as she lies helplessly draped over the corner ropes. A camel clutch and an over-the-knee backbreaker nearly destroy Faryn as she soon finds herself a mere plaything at the hands of her ring-savvy opponent. Sandy's visions of an easy win seem to be prophetic ‚ until another newcomer in a tiny green bikini grabs her from behind. The winsome Jade pulls Sandy's arms back as Faryn repeatedly drives her knee into Sandy's gut. The newbies have learned quickly that cheating is the only way to beat someone of Sandy's stature. The outnumbered blonde is kicked, punched, stomped, twisted, stretched and choked without respite by the two lithe attackers. How long can even the awesome Sandy survive such an unrelenting attack by two conniving co-conspirators?