TAPE #544




We introduce yet another new face and body to the DT stable as the curvy Coral Sands gets into the ring with the ever-popular Francesca. However, Coral makes the mistake of arriving late, and Francesca's notoriously short temper is ignited. The lethal Latin is determined to give this impudent newbie a fight lesson she will never forget. What a surprise it must be when Francesca learns that Coral has already been taking lessons. For every waist scissors and body blow Francesca inflicts, Coral counters with scissors and belly bombs of her own. Their inadequate bikini tops soon expose voluptuous breasts and one girl even attempts using them to smother her enemy. Despite such time-honored holds like a well-executed airplane spin, full-nelsons, Boston crabs and camel clutches, there's little science to be seen here as these wildcats resort to punching each other in even their most tender of areas and try repeatedly to choke the life out of each other. Coral uses Francesca's hair to flip her to the mat. Francesca stomps her foot into Coral's crotch. It's a battle of wills and wiles as a vicious veteran fights for her life against a tenacious tyro. And even when one girl is finally spent, the punishment continues.

Why a referee is needed in a no-rules fight is inexplicable. Or is it? In this battle of the club dancers it is Shannan's job to simply be there to pronounce the winner of the match between Stacy and Tanya, each dressed in heels and breathtaking, extremely low-plunging one piece suits. However, Shannan may have an agenda of her own, as one blonde bombshell soon learns to her misfortune. A flurry of ferocity ensues as heads are grabbed and squeezed, waists are scissored and breasts are bitten. Leg spreads are followed by knees and fists to the groin. Stacy is almost totally wiped out by a devastating head scissors when Tanya gets into an argument with referee Shannan. Bad move. He respite is all Stacy needs to mount a sneak attack on the bodacious blonde. Breast pinches and crotch claws soon have Tanya in deep dung, but the tantalizing one still has a lot of fight left and soon Stacy is on the defensive again. Suddenly, Shannan pulls Tanya off the struggling Stacy and the corrupt ref's bias becomes abundantly clear. With both the bad ref and Stacy now united against her, Tanya screams as she falls prey to a brutal double assault.