TAPE #543


50 MINUTES — $49.95

That pulchritudinous pugilistic powerhouse Hollywood dons the leather gloves to take on two of her most formidable foes. The first boxing match pits the champion against the ever-tantalizing Tanya "The Body" Danielle, with Stacy Burke as ref and on-camera interviewer. Stacy's brief pre-bout interview with the boxing babes reveals a mutual respect as Tanya and Hollywood shake hands before changing for battle. Later, in the ring, all courtesies are shunted aside, supplanted by steely determination from the two topless amazons dressed only in boxing shorts and sneakers. The match is slated for six-rounds and as the bell rings both girls shoot out of their respective corners like cannonballs. Punches to the face and bone-crushing body blows are exchanged hard and fast as gloved fists connect with skin and bone. Tanya hits the canvas first, but quickly recovers. Hollywood knows that she's in for a hell of a fight. The fight almost goes the distance until one foxy fighter is decked for a final count out. Tanya and Hollywood are interviewed once more after the match as the loser graciously describes how hard she was hit and congratulates the winner.
The second bout on the card has Hollywood challenged by the exotic and electrifying Santana. Both girls start the match dressed in cute little cheerleader outfits, with the stipulation that the first girl to go down must remove her top. Nothing like the threat of humiliation to bring out the fire in two alley cats. The blows hit their marks with magnum force and the close-ups of the belly bombs that each girl receives provide testament to their stamina and determination. Hollywood is the first to hit the mat and sheds her sweater, but Santana soon finds herself flat on her back and forced to strip likewise. There's no referee this time and the two gloved gladiators really go at it, even delivering deadly shots while in the clinches and the corner. The fight starts going out of control when one bloodied girl repeatedly wallops her opponent when she's down on the canvas. Then, the assailant really goes berserk as she removes her gloves and proceeds to batter her helpless victim with hard, bare knuckles. There is no gracious winner or loser in this bloody beat-down—just a haughty victor planting an arrogant foot on the wasted heap that was once her opponent.