TAPE #542


OVER ONE HOUR — $59.95

This choking double feature is a follow-up to Chokers Wild that appeared in Tape #532 and once again pits Mia and Stacy is two indoor strangle struggles. Our first chapter begins with Mia, in a black dress, hose and heels, ambushing Stacy, in pink top, black skirt, hose and heels. Stacy struggles as a black strap wraps around her neck, choking her into unconsciousness. When Mia starts getting overly affectionate with her KO'd victim Stacy recovers to pay back her brunette ambusher with a facesit smother. Mia then comes to and strangles and smothers Stacy on the sofa. Thus does the balance of power shift to and fro throughout the battle. Breast and hand smothers are among the many ways these soon-topless beauties use their bodies to ravage and dominate each other. Kisses and embraces are constantly interrupted by more chokes and attacks as these girls prove that sex and violence are indeed strange bedfellows.
Later that day we find Mia. Still in her corset, hose, gloves and heels, unconscious on a chair as Stacy, having already re-dressed, coming in to goad her slumbering victim. Suddenly, Mia sparks back to life and quickly chokes Stacy into the land of nod. Mia quickly strips Stacy's skirt off and proceeds to fondle the blonde's crotch with her gloved hand. Stacy is knocked out again and again as Mia uses Stacy's top--and even Stacy's own hair! -- to choke the life out of the shapely golden girl. As Stacy lies breathless Mia continues her amorous advances and kisses Stacy affectionately, even as she uses her legs to crush the breath out of her reluctant paramour. As one knockout follows another, it looks like Stacy's never going to see daylight again. But then, Stacy gets her hands on Miaš Yes, the lights go out many times in these two choking melodramas until one girl is left lifeless on the floor for the final blackout.