TAPE #541


ONE HOUR — $59.95

In Tape #444 Shannan's steroid abuse proved her undoing against Kristie, and now her cigarette smoking may be her downfall as well, especially when she infuriates her roommate Julie DC with her slovenly habits. After an argument in their apartment, the two big-titted bikini babes meet in the ring--with Shannan still puffing away on her nicotine stick. Shannan gets in the first punch, but Julie DC follows through with a few body blows of her own. Julie DC's little dog, Mrs. Kennedy, scurries around the ring, trying to stay out of the way of these tussling titans. Bikini tops quickly surrender their holds on gargantuan mounds as more punches, stomps, and chokes and even bearhugs are exchanged between these two awesome hellions. Shannan is a vicious fighter, but her endurance may be hampered by her tobacco habit as scissors and body presses take their toll. When one gladiator finally surrenders the victor kneels over her to gloat--and lights up a victory cigarette.
In our second odd tale, the California Kid's (Mia) wrestling audition with the whip-wielding Tasha takes a truly bizarre turn as the black-bikinied blonde decides to use Mia as her own personal torture plaything. Mia, desperate for the job, offers no resistance and soon has the top of her white bikini removed as she is whacked, fondled and choked by Tasha's whip. After an amorous kiss, Mia learns that she's got the gig--the California Kid will face Tasha in the ring. Tasha comes on strong and the Kid is bombarded by a firestorm of punishment. Headlocks, surfboards, crotch stomps, camel clutches and body punches are but a few of the maneuvers Tasha employs to dominate the soon-topless cowgal. After being teased and tormented by Tasha's whip, the Kid has had enough and it is Tasha who staggers under a brutal assault. Could it be that the California Kid will actually triumph?