TAPE #540


ONE HOUR — $59.95

Bobcat didn't fare too well in her last encounter with the notorious lady-killer called the Puma, but she's determined to avenge her ignominious loss. So far no woman has been able to defeat the masked brute, but Bobcat is no mere woman. The seasoned pro calls up all her wrestling skills to take down the Puma. Brutal camel clutches, chokes, claw holds, bearhugs and body blows are but a few obstacles that Bobcat has to endure if she is to avoid the Puma's deadly sleeper finishing hold. Will Bobcat persevere, or will history repeat itself?
Our second match is not really a contest--it's a gut busting slaughter. When the unwary Peter arrives at Stacy's home he removes his shirt, expecting an amorous tryst with the sexy blonde in the black mini-dress. A sudden punch to his abs proves him wrong and he is totally helpless as Stacy repeatedly blasts his vulnerable belly. When his hands are tied behind him, he's even more pathetic as the woman's fists wreck havoc on her male punching bag.
Finally, the burly Scott goes toe to toe against the sensational Sandy. These two have battled many times before, with Sandy usually coming out on top. But this time Scott is ready. As the two battlers exchange headlocks, snapmares, leg scissors and body blows, Scott continually weakens Sandy with brutal bearhugs, backbreakers and chokes. It seems that the female of the species may not be as deadly as she claims to be this time.