TAPE #539


45 minutes — $59.95

You would think that in a battle of the breasts the petite Nefertiti would be clearly outmatched by the fabulously endowed Tanya. But the overconfident blonde doesn't take into account that her ample bosoms simply provide bigger targets for her chocolate-skinned rival's attacks. Fighting over a man, they begin this indoor catfight by spanking each other's round butts, wherein Nefertiti seems to provide a more than ample target area. However the assaults soon center on the breasts, and it is clear that Tanya is in deep trouble. Once Nefertiti gets her claws into Tanya's bared orbs, she's pretty much at Nefertiti's mercy. In the end one beaten beauty lies totally humbled on the floor, stripped of her panties--and her pride.
Tanya's more evenly matched in our next encounter as she goes nipple to nipple with the equally voluptuous Shannan. Challenging each other to an all-out breast battle, the buxom battlers take turns using their mountainous mammaries to crush her opponent's assets, first in a series of breast to breast bearhugs that free their fleshy orbs from their bikini top moorings. Then they try to crush each other on the floor against the wall with Tanya taking top position and then Shannan. The final assault has these giantesses crushing each other against the wall, which goes on for a good while until one big-boobed babe can take no more. The loser is forced to kiss the winner's ass and foot and is left on the floor a whimpering, wasted loser.