TAPE #538


50 minutes — $59.95

The fabulous Francesca is featured (unfortunately for her) in a pair of two-against-one ring tussles, coming up short as both heroine and heel. The first match begins with Mia giving an on-camera interview and bragging about her new "bad girl" reputation. When Francesca attempts to rehabilitate her old friend, Mia slaps her away and Francesca vows to beat Mia into line during a wrestling match. Unfortunately, when the match begins, Mia has recruited Christine to help cripple Francesca into oblivion. And after a promising start by Francesca, it seems that that is exactly what will happen as the tables turn and the Latin grappler is beaten mercilessly with stomps, airplane spins, backbreakers and piledrivers only the beginning of a vicious, savage assault. Francesca is a valiant battler, but she learns all too quickly that her prowess is just not enough to stave off a double dose of destruction.
Or perhaps that lesson was quickly forgotten, as our second match seems to attest. This time it is Francesca who badmouths other wrestlers during an on-camera interview-- including the eavesdropping Candi and Tasha, who decide that the little Latin needs yet another lesson in humility. Incredibly, it's Francesca who gets the first licks in and uses rope and chloroform to overwhelm and tie up the two blondes. Francesca relishes tormenting Tasha and Candi, even forcing one of them to kiss her feet. Francesca's bravado, as often happens, makes her careless and soon she finds herself caught in Candi's devastating upside down bearhug. From then on it's pure double team torture as the blondes inflict all manner of punishment to the olive skinned Latin. Belly punches, body stomps, piledrivers are but a sampling of the devastation that Francesca is forced to endure as the once-proud beauty ends the day bound and bloodied-- once again double teamed and creamed.