TAPE #537


ONE HOUR — $59.95

Our first fantasy takes place in a mystical world where an evil sorceress (Julie DC) attempts to corrupt her pure and innocent apprentice (Nefertiti) to the darkness of the black arts. The ebony acolyte, her purity emphasized by her white gossamer attire, merely wishes to learn the ways of the warrior from her mistress, but the wicked witch has other ideas. After assaulting Nefertiti with psychic blasts, the maleficent sorceress vows to strip the defiant disciple of her powers, even if it means beating it out of her. The smaller black girl is subjected to a savage barrage of punches, chokes, scissors, and more mystic whammies. With her flimsy white veils torn off, Nefertiti seems easy pickings for her mammoth-breasted tormentor. This sorceress' apprentice seems doomed to a supernatural ass-kicking.
Next, we find the white-caped heroine Ivory (played by Sabrina) holding her staff of power as she paces about the ring. Suddenly the masked Leopard Queen (Sandy) leaps into the ring and ambushes Ivory, punching the daylights out of the surprised heroine and using Ivory's own staff and high heels to beat her bloody. Leopard Woman uses the turnbuckles and the ring ropes to further torture the stunned blonde and eventually the feline felon sinks her teeth deep into Ivory's face, causing even more blood to flow. Using her chain to both batter and choke Ivory, Leopard Queen is drunk with the taste of blood as she bites into Ivory's bared breasts as well. It will take an incredible surge of super strength for Ivory to turn the tables on her ferocious attacker, and Ivory does somehow manage to call up the reserve energy needed to mount a counterattack--but will it be enough to defeat the she-beast?