TAPE #536


ONE HOUR — $59.95

The first bout on this boxing double feature pits two buxom blondes against each other to determine which is the better leather wielder. Stacy Burke is the ref as Tanya and Crystal go at it topless with red gloves smashing against firm white skin. The girls don't hold back as jabs and crosses connect with jaws, stomachs and ribs. The first fall decision goes to Tanya, which means that Crystal has her work cut out for her if she is to win on points. Between rounds the lethal lovelies pour water on themselves so that their skin glistens in the California sun. As the weary fighters bombard each other with body and face blows, Stacy has a harder time getting them to release them in the clinches. One girl, then the other is trapped in the corner and used as a punching bag by her opponent. This multi-fall punch-out goes to a final decision, but the ultimate winner will be you, our DT customer.
The bodaciously buxom Tanya returns in our next boxing battle as Tasha joins her in the ring for some stretching exercises. Tasha comments that she doesn't think Tanya can fight with such big breasts. After an exchange of insults about each other Tasha challenges Tanya to a multi-fall match a mix of boxing and wrestling. Both topless Tanya and Tasha go on and on about each other's breasts with Tanya bragging that her own breasts are big and strong while Tasha's are small and weak, and won't be able to handle the challenge.

As the bell rings Tasha takes the early lead and pretty much holds on to that lead for the first couple of rounds of boxing. Finally, Tanya rips off her gloves and goes at Tasha with her bare fists. The fight soon turns into a grappling contest with breasts being pressed and squeezed violently. This is the type of fight where Tanya shines and she continues her assault by face smothering Tasha. Breast squeezes, twists, punches and bearhugs are brought to bear as the ring explodes with the power of T & T.