TAPE #535


ONE HOUR — $59.95

The fetching Candi is more adorable than ever in her skimpy schoolgirl outfit of white shirt, plaid skirt and knee-high socks. And equally cute is newcomer sexy Lexi, dressed in a cute red cheerleading outfit. When the jealous Lexi scoffs at Candi's desire to join her cheerleading team, all hell breaks loose. Lexi is soon tossed into the ring corner and pummeled by the blonde coed. Caught in choking headlock, Lexi gasps for breath as Candi spews her venom. A hairpull frees Lexi only for a moment and she is soon kicked to the canvas again and pinned down by Candi's appropriate schoolgirl pin. Lexi endures a series of scissors and presses before getting her licks in as well. Candi's face is smothered under Lexi's skirt and the blonde schoolgirl is soon fighting for her own survival. The tide turns several times as fists, feet, legs and butts are used as weapons of destruction as a final facesit prologues a series of finishing holds that leaves one bodacious blonde face down on the mat, unable to muster even a measly "rah".
In our second match, sultry Francesca is putting on her dress and makeup when she flashes back to a previous ring defeat at the hands of the nefarious Nikki. Francesca is determined to get even with the crimson haired beauty. Dressed in black bra, skirt, nylons and heels Francesca arrives at the DT ring to find Nikki, in a bright red mini-dress and heels, preening for the cameraman. A tense standoff between the two tigresses escalates to a challenge after Francesca, during her own photo session, brags about having a sexier body than Nikki. A no-holds barred match starts with some furious slapping and hairpulling from the catfighting pair and continues with headlocks, punches and chokes. The heels come off for the second fall as Nikki's head is repeatedly rammed into the turnbuckle and she ends up stretched backward over her opponent's knee. A battery of bludgeoning punches sends one bloodied girl down and easy prey for a devastating head scissors that ends in a facesit smother. And it's not over yet as the blows, throws and holds culminate with a humiliating, foot-kissing surrender.