90 MINUTES - $59.95




What upsets a legend most? Well, an impertinent upstart for one. The dark newcomer Nefertiti disrespectfully disses the veteran Christine as the seasoned grappler walks in on the black girl's workout session. When the arrogant Nefertiti calls Christine "Grandma" the wrestling ring explodes with action. Nefertiti tries to throw Christine out of the ring but finds herself thrown to the mat and stretched in a painful bow and arrow hold. Christine's assault is halted by a sharp kick to her rear and her top is ripped off. Christine counters in kind and the two topless hellions really go at each other. Headlocks, scissors, straddles and surfboards are applied early, followed by body tosses, crotch kicks and even some nasty biting action. Nefertiti is determined to take this legend down, but Christine is not one to fall so easily. Years of ring experience, and her kickboxing training, give Christine a greater arsenal to use against her dark-skinned opponent and Nefertiti may have bitten off more than she can chew.


Our next match is a multi-fall smother and pin match between two legends-in-the-making, Tanya and Jewell. The women meet in the ring dressed in capes, boots and masks, but this isn't a superheroine match as the challengers remove these accoutrements to face each other in bikinis and heels, Tanya in red and Jewell in black. The match starts furiously with finger locks giving way to body hugs which lead into waist scissors. The pressure of standing head scissors and a smothering facesit ends the first of this five falls out of nine match with Jewell succumbing to the ten count. The shoes and bras come off for the second breathtaking fall as each girl tries to get the upper hand with breast smothers and facesits. Finally, it is Tanya's lights which go out as Jewell facesits the blonde into unconsciousness. It will be several falls, and a pair of bikini changes before this whirlwind of knockouts reaches its conclusion, with one big-busted loser out cold for the rest of the day.