ONE HOUR - $49.95




Our first match begins with the scene that has been heating up our website for months. The tantalizing Tanya is helplessly tied spread eagle in the middle of the wrestling ring, her arms and legs extended outward by ropes tying her to the ring posts„and a vibrator tucked inside her pink bikini bottom. The blonde gyrates and screams as the energized dildo does its dirty work, Her tormentor, the burly Kristie relishes Tanya's humiliation. And this is just the prologue! Later we find Tanya, in crop top and bikini bottom, boasting of how she will avenge herself against Kristie, who unfortunately happens to sneak up behind the blonde and starts pummeling her yet again. This time, Kristie's really out for blood as she bloodies Tanya's face with punches, draws blood from Tanya's massive boobs with her claws and reddens the blonde's crotch with black-booted stomps. Tanya's battered body is twisted like a pretzel and bombarded like a punching bag as the once-proud Tanya realizes that she was a lot better off with the vibrator.


Our next match was supposed to be a submission match between Santana and Mia, but Mia's spirit seems to have broken from her last match with the lethal Latin and Mia is determined to submit early and avoid prolonged torture. Unfortunately, the topless Santana is not about to shortchange herself. If Mia wants to be a victim, Santana is only too happy to oblige, but not for the short term, as Mia planned. Mia is in for one long hurt. After bending Mia backward over the ropes, Santana flips her foe to the mat and traps her in a breast smother pin. Mia submits, but Santana ain't buying. A painful wristlock follows, then a camel clutch, then a matchbook pin. Mia is caught in one submission hold after another, offering little resistance. Realizing that Santana has no intentions of stopping, Mia applies a rather ineffectual waist scissors, but Santana quickly reverses it to a figure-4 leglock. Head scissors, body blows, hairpulls and even wedgies are just a partial list of the arsenal of agony employed by the sultry Santana. Mia's hopes for a short match was a fool's dream as Santana basks in the glow of her own superiority over her hapless, hopeless victim.