topless wrestling A tit war double feature begins with the huge bosomed Shannan challenging the even bigger busted Julie DC for big-breasted superiority. The huge mounds are freed from their flimsy hammocks as the two titans squeeze their mammaries against each other with crushing bearhugs, straddling pins, and body to body presses against the wall. The contest goes back and forth with each buxom babe taking her turn as aggressor and submissive. A final crushing assault on the couch weakens one top-heavy battler for good and it is a triumphant, gloating victor who places her high heels on the loser's breathless body.

topless wrestling Our second indoor breast battle once again features the towering Julie DC, this time matched against the wonderfully endowed Tanya. The usual weapons of breast destruction: straddle pins, bearhugs and body presses are augmented by breast smothers, figure-4 leglocks, waist scissors and Boston crabs. As one bountiful beauty begins to weaken the onslaught continues with full nelsons, headlocks and devastating chin holds until, finally, it is one topless loser who lays on the floor, her breasts and body a still-life of defeat.

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