topless wrestling It's gonna be one hot time in the DT wrestling ring as we find the exotic Zora, dressed in panties, garter belt, nylons and heels, sunning herself at ringside. This topless spectacle angers her arriving opponent, the bombastic Burbank Bomber, the awesome Shelly, her imposing breasts heaving in all their unbridled glory. Zora, however, is totally unimpressed. That proves to be a big mistake. As the match begins, Shelly quickly bends her smaller opponent in a painful backbreaking arch. Zora's howls of pain merely fuels Shelly's rage as Zora has little time to recover before being bent backward yet again. A follow-up bow and arrow hold strains the blonde victim even more. After yet another spine-splintering surfboard hold, the haughty Shelly begins tearing Zora's nylons off her lithe legs. Shelly continues her backbreaking reign of terror as Zora realizes, to her tortured dismay, that Shelly's reputation for cruelty is painfully well deserved.

topless wrestling Another defiant blonde newbie gets her backbreaking comeuppance from a mammoth-breasted veteran in our second match, set indoors. The bodacious Brit Goldie, in thong, nylons and heels, is flaunting her stuff when the titanic Julie DC enters the room. As you no doubt guessed, nasty epithets are thrown and the redheaded amazon proceeds to break the bravado out of the delicious golden girl. Goldie is caught in one backbreaker after another as her spine is bent over Julie DC's hard knee. It's obvious that Goldie should have gotten more battle experience before mouthing off to the ominous Julie DC. Goldie's torn nylons provide clear evidence of her torture, but that's nothing compared to the sight of this buxom blonde's delicious body arched backward, her stomach stretched taut and her breasts eyeing the ceiling. Like Zora, Goldie also learns that her opponent's reputation for violence and agony is no exaggeration.

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