529 Stacy Burke is the referee for our first pugilistic contest, a straight boxing match between the heavenly Hollywood and the terrific Tanya to determine the first ever DT Topless Boxing Champion. Wearing only white shorts and sneakers the beautiful boxers go at it for round after hard-hitting round. Blows to the body accompany barrages to the head as each lady looks for an opening that will give her the advantage. Both Hollywood and Tanya take turns kissing the canvas and it's sometimes doubtful that this match will last its entire 6-fall length. Between rounds they replenish themselves with bottled water as their sweating bodies bake under the California sun. The match ends in a decision and we'll leave it to you as to whether you agree with it.

529 Tanya and Hollywood meet up again to fight for a man in our second match. Hollywood barely removes her robe as Tanya begins punching away at the brunette's face and stomach. This bare-knuckled brawl quickly becomes bloody as Tanya draws first blood from the dazed Hollywood's luscious lips. Tanya is hell bent on finishing her rival off in short order and keeps the fists flying. However, Hollywood is no stranger to street brawls and when Tanya allows a brief opening, the blonde is staggered by Hollywood's powerful punches. Soon it is Tanya who is bloodied and reeling as Hollywood brings on the pounding pain. Tanya's arrogance is soon supplanted by gasps of agony as Hollywood uses Tanya's bikini top as a choking weapon and batters the blonde in and out of the ring. Has Tanya pushed Hollywood too far? Two hard-hitting slugfests featuring two of our sexiest sluggers.

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