fantasy wrestling Our first costumed caper is a superheroine saga adapted by comic book creator George Pérez from a story by one of our customers. When we last saw the sexy superheroine Daisy Chain (Stacy Burke) in DT513 she was left totally beaten and tortured by the sadistic Domina (Julie DC). Well, it seems that the black clad villainess was not quite yet through with our blonde heroine as this match, set in the Arena of Champions, finds Daisy Chain once again facing the towering redhead. But, first, the caped crimefighter must remove all sources of her power‹methodically stripping of her belt, gauntlets, capes and boots until Daisy Chain is wearing only her white leotard‹and white pantyhose. White signifies purity‹and Domina detests purity. Domina intends to make Daisy Chain beg for mercy by pounding her all across the ring. And scream the heroine does as an opening test of strength emphasizes just how powerless she is. Daisy Chain is tossed around the ring like a rag doll and is belly punched, crushed, choked and scissored mercilessly by her evil opponent. After a humiliating over the knee spanking, the tiny blonde's lights are darkened by a crushing bearhug. But Domina is still not through with her pure white plaything. Daisy Chain awakens to find herself gagged and tied to the corner ropes, her back an easy target for Domina's wicked whip.

fantasy wrestling Our second story finds a black caped villainess played by Eve Ellis breaking into the computer files of Network operative Sandy. The masked Eve, in black bikini, gloves and boots overpowers Sandy, dressed in a sweat suit and continues hacking the system. Sandy is a well-trained field operative however and soon overpowers Eve, carrying her into the bedroom and tying her up. The girl in black escapes to knock Sandy out again and manages to get abscond with the security file. Eve makes a mistake by stopping in the kitchen to eat and Sandy recovers long enough to defeat her again. Eve doesn't quit though and goes after the blonde operative with a knife. After several more knockouts one defeated fighter is carried outdoors to the ring and is finally left hanging in the backyard as the knife is drawn for one final coup de grace.

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