erotic nude wrestling Return with us now to the thrilling days of oil wrestling as three of our most sensuous blondes go at it in one fantastic, slip sliding catfight fest. Tanya and Yvonne are disgusted to find the exotic Zora oiling her near-naked body up in the stripped-bare ring. Zora claims simply to be pampering her body, but Tanya accuses Zora of trying to make herself too slippery for Tanya to wrestle. Zora contemptuously sprays oil on the mortified Tanya and the two slippery sirens tear at each other on the outdoor mat. Yvonne quickly joins in, after the appropriate slicking down, of course.
erotic nude wrestling The golden haired trio rip at each other's clothing and squirting each other with even more oil until this catfight becomes an erotic display of twisting, glistening, naked flesh. Allegiances switch back and forth as two blondes gang up on the third. Head scissors, breast smothers and crotch claws are among the excruciatingly erotic maneuvers these bosomy hellcats subject on each other. Several times the battle goes one-on-one as a third girl lies unconscious, but the sleeping beauties keep awakening to ignite the action once again. Even a baked facesit can't keep one oily tigress down for long. As these girls continue squirting, don't be surprised if you do, too. This unique orgy of flesh and oil just keeps going and going as these golden girls sizzle on the griddle.

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