over one hour — $59.95

After recovering outdoors from a sucker punch a topless Hollywood vows revenge on the guy who stole her money. Later, as she is dressed as a masked cowgirl for a costume party, Hollywood is confronted by Santana, dressed as an Indian squaw. The Latin looker notices that the unhinged Hollywood is carrying a real, loaded gun and talks her into surrendering it. It's all a ruse, however, and the buck-skinned brave is punched out by the cowgirl. As Hollywood stalks about with her pistol drawn Yvonne, dressed as a sexy nurse, ambushes her. Yvonne makes the mistake of not making sure that Hollywood was actually unconscious and she is flattened by the wily wranglers gloved fist. When Yvonne and Santana recover and face Hollywood together it appears that their pleas may be finally penetrating Hollywood's senses. Hollywood is a clever liar, however, and both Yvonne and Santana are punched around the living room. Will the squaw and the nurse be able to rally a comeback that will put a stop to the gunfighter's rampage?

The California Kid rides again in our second match as Mia, dressed in her trademark white bikini, cowboy hat and holsters has a showdown with her old nemesis Francesca, dressed in black bikini top and tights. Francesca intends on humiliating the cowgirl and starts the multi-fall match with a brutal kick to the cowgirl's crotch. Headlocks and chokes give the dark Latin an easy first-fall win and she blithely exits the ring to get a drink of water. The angry California Kid yanks the cocky Francesca back into the ring and, after an exchange of scissors to the head and body, Francesca is stunned to find herself being pinned by Mia, who wins the second fall. Francesca has learned a valuable lesson: don't underestimate the California Kid. It is a lesson the foxy firebrand takes to heart as she goes all out to destroy the breasts, crotch, butt and every other exposed body part of the wrestling wrangler. Whoever said that the white hats always win never told that to Francesca.