one hour — $59.95

After dressing herself in a tight black dress, garter belt, hose and killer heels, Candi's about to leave for a business meeting when she receives a phone call telling her that Star has stolen her client. Meeting the honey-haired claim jumper at ringside, a fuming Candi intends to teach Star a violent lesson in business ethics. As they both enter the ring, Candi is conked from behind by her ruthless rival. Tying the unconscious blonde to the ring post, Star slaps Candi awake and gloats. Releasing Candi from her bonds, Star doesn't let Candi regain her bearings and stomps and mauls her inside the ring. But Candi hasn't gained her reputation by just lying down and taking abuse and soon it is she who rattles the overconfident Star. Kicks, punches, stomps, throws and a devastating facesit finish makes it all too painfully clear to Star that Candi has declared all-out war.

Our second match begins with lovely Lisa, in white bra and skirt with garters and hose, answering a call and agreeing to stand in for Dina Marie in a vengeance match against Tanya. However, the high-heel wearing Lisa finds out that Tanya has gotten a replacement herself and it is the cocky and fiery Francesca, in a hot black mini-dress, stockings and heels, who accepts Lisa's multi-fall ring challenge. The battle quickly erupts into a body-busting, face-fracturing slugging match as one beauty is quickly beaten down by her battering opponent. Eventually, one girl is too groggy to put up much of a defense and her fabulous face is punched bloody. Defeat is only the beginning of the loser's woes as an ass-kicking, groveling humiliation follows with a taunting victor truly enjoying her victory.