524 Scott tests his wrestling skills against another professional lady of the ring, the tiny, but tough as nails Jeanne Bruso. This pro gal puts Scott through his paces but the guy definitely has it all over her in regards to size and strength. He's especially dangerous when he uses his breath-expelling bearhugs. Throws are mixed with blows, and Jeanne's stomach is clawed as violently as Scott's stomach is punched, and the mat resounds with the thunder of falling bodies--male and female. (Customer note: the beginning of this match incorrectly identifies the female wrestling as Brandy.)

524 Next we have another match featuring the powerful masked man called The Puma, who has already defeated every woman who has dared oppose him. This time the challenger is Sabrina, who exhibits all the confidence in the world. Sabrina's attitude takes a terrible turn when she finds herself struggling to survive a barrage of bearhugs, camel clutches, surfboards and body blows from the man in black. Will Sabrina be yet another kill for the big cat to drag to his den?

524 The burly Scott goes against pro grappler Brandy Collins in this encounter. Both grapplers know their wrestling moves and both inflict and receive their fair share of punishment. Scott takes advantage of his superior size and weight and throttles the blonde Brandy with body slams, chin locks and camel clutches. Brandi is no easy mark and counters with step-over toe holds, head scissors and figure-4 leglocks. Brandi's retaliation is slowed down by Scott's murderous bearhugs and the lady pro is in for the fight of her life. Will a brutal backbreaker be too much for one fighter to endure.

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