55 minutes — $59.95
Two dark-tressed hellcats fight for their territory as sultry Santana demands that Jewell relinquish her place on the couch. After Jewell is unceremoniously dragged off the couch, getting scraped on the floor in the process, the buxom brunette retaliates by leaping atop her usurper. Their crop tops and thongs are quickly discarded and the only thing these tussling tigresses intend to share is pain. Beautiful breasts are repeatedly squeezed and clawed, standing head scissors are applied, and even sharp teeth are used to inflict a whole lot of hurt and punishment on each other's glorious, naked bodies. Gorgeous gams wrap around bodacious bods and taloned fingers claw into vulnerable crotches as the living room reverberates with screams of pain. One ferocious feline finally gets the advantage and her struggling prey is subjected to more crotch clawing and a series of smothering, naked facesits with a wonderfully rounded derriere and a moist crotch becoming overwhelming weapons of breathtaking destruction.

Tanya and Candi start off our second match in sexy mini-dresses and high heels, but that doesn't last long. Fighting over a common lover, the bosomy blondes soon doff their shoes and attack each other with schoolgirl pins and scissors, but mostly they go after each other's feet. Tender toes are twisted, tickled and sucked as they each fight for superiority. It's soon obvious that Candi and Tanya not only enjoy meting out tootsie torture, but they seem to really enjoy receiving it as well. No matter what new hold is applied, whether it be surfboards, head scissors or headlocks, the object of destruction always gets back to the lower extremities. After their dresses are removed and all their natural assets bared, the lovers spat becomes a love-fest of toe sucking, sole licking, shoe kissing and foot fondling where neither nude hellcat seems to be the loser.