one hour — $59.95

Tasha's lateness for a tag team match pisses everybody off„her opponents Francesca and Zora, the referee Lisa, and even her tag partner Shannan. All of them have wasted so much valuable time waiting for the long-legged blonde that they conspire to get some payback. When an unrepentant Tasha finally arrives bragging about her taut abs, the tag team match quickly deteriorates into a four-on-one slugging attack„the primary target being Tasha's much-vaunted tummy, even though her breasts and lower areas get their fair share of abuse. Tasha is held in the corner as fists, feet and even ping-pong paddles inflict further punishment. Tasha's ankles are tied to the ring ropes and her wrists are bound as the vengeful quartet mull over other means to punish their topless captive. They decide to take her indoors and stretch Tasha over a table and batter her some more. Then the bound babe is arched over a sofa and pummeled some more. Finally the four firebrands string Tasha up from the ceiling beam, like a slab of meat hanging in a freezer„just like in the movie "Rocky"„and we know what happened then, don't we?

We follow this multi-girl meltdown with another explosion of nuclear knuckles. The bountiful Shannan does not hide her displeasure and disdain toward sumptuous Sandy as the blonde enters the ring to accept the brunette's challenge. It's a truly wondrous orgy of flesh pounding as these two iron-fisted hellcats take turns slugging away at each other's stomach, crotch and face. Shannan's haughty attitude is eventually pounded away as her gorgeous face is reddened with blood and her terrifically topless body is ravaged. Sandy is intent on teaching her voluptuous opponent a real lesson and the semi-conscious Shannan later finds herself tied to the corner ropes„making her a perfect punching bag for Sandy's pugilistic pleasure.