85 minutes — $59.95

As Jewell, wearing the skimpiest red bikini imaginable, is attacked from behind as she warms up for her match against Tanya. It seems that the tantalizing blonde is all too anxious to put down the pony-tailed brunette. They don't even take the time to remove their high heels. Jewell, however, does not intend to go down easily and she soon has Tanya squirming between her strong legs. A test of strength quickly ends with a knee to the ribs by Jewell, who is intent on paying Tanya back for her sneak attack. However, after some bearhug and scissors action, Jewell is caught in a facesit smother and it is Tanya who takes the first fall. After being unceremoniously dragged back to her corner, Jewell intends on getting her revenge. The shoes come off, as do their tops, as one girl, then the other, holds and throws her opponent around the ring. When solid body punches soften up one prone fighter, a pair of large breasts are used to smother her into a KO, ending the second fall. With airplane spins, surfboards and body twisting contortions providing the main dish, a smother KO continues to provide the dessert for each round of rollicking, riotous rasslin' between two taut, topless tigresses who each have to change their bikinis during lengthy course of this dizzying display of delirious demolition.

It's been a long while since two of our best veteran grapplers, Julie and Mia, have faced each other in a pro-style match and these two champions are determined to prove that they both still have what it takes on this tape's second featured bout. The championship match starts off with a test of strength that quickly leads to an expertly executed headlock and hip toss. These wrestlers have lost none of their edge over the years as arm bars, leg scissors, full nelsons, camel clutches and other scientific holds intermingle with such reliable dirty tactics as crotch kicks, hair pulls and belly punches. Their flimsy tops don't survive the carnage long, but being topless does nothing to slow down this chaotic contest. Stomach claws, figure-4 headlocks, Boston crabs, matchbook pins and over-the-knee backbreakers prove that these grapplers still know how to wrestle, but only one of them knows enough to win this hard-fought battle.